Teaching Internship in Cambodia

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21 Days
Availability : June 3-June 21
Max People : 15



The participation fee is $875 upon acceptance. This promotional price includes; internship, accommodation, three meals per day at boarding location, and some local field trips.

*Scholarship and/or discounts opportunities might be available for qualified applicants.

*Terms and conditions apply.



International Internship program serves the main mission of T&T by bringing
the youth of different cultural and religious backgrounds together to understand one another, assist to build a professional character and network, investigating their potential and interests, exposing the business and social culture of different countries.

Program Description
The international internship program is a 2 to 3-week internship program available in fields of Business & Finance, Media and Journalism, Security/Criminal Justice & Governance, Health & Medicine, Education, and Architecture. This program is not a paid internship program; however, interns may be offered stipends directly from their assigned institution on a case‐by‐case basis at that institution’s discretion. The internships are full‐time (40 hours per week). Participants may receive university credit for their participation, depending on their school’s credit policy.

There are mainly two types of internships:
Regular internship: This internship is a classical internship format in which for 2 to 3 weeks, participants are assigned to one institution. In that period, candidates get the introduction of the company, the system of business and departments, assigned tasks and projects depending on the company and the focus of the internship in depth. Media and Journalism, Health & Medicine, Education, and Architecture internships are all in regular internship format.

Internship Loop: Internship loops are designed in order for candidates to investigate the type of carrier that fits best for them. This internship format is available in Business & Finance and Security/Criminal Justice & Governance Internships. In Business & Finance, the internship group visits a different company every day in different fields of business and finance. In a typical day, candidates get a company tour and introduction until afternoon, meet with senior leaders in various fields and departments, have the opportunity to ask their questions in first hand. The daily visits finish with a seminar followed by an active discussion by the CEO of the company. In Security/Criminal Justice & Governance, the internship group visits government institutions like the ministry of foreign affairs, national police force, governor’s office, mayor’s office, think tanks, research centers and more. In this internship loop, some of the institution visits take up to 7 days while some are daily visits as in Business & Finance option. As the public administration and governance system might be different in every country, some institutions take longer to understand enough to make a comparative analysis. Participants have the chance to meet local and international government officials, ask their questions and prepare reports for senior officials.

Application and Selection Process
Students fill out an online application form. Every student can indicate up to three different fields of internship in their application. After the application, there is a mandatory interview for each applicant. On the basis of the application and interview, the locations for the internship in one of the areas of interests will be arranged by T&T, along with accommodation for the accepted applicants.

Program implementation and evaluation
T&T has a proactive method of follow up and evaluation of the program. More than 10 regional coordinators from the US travel with the applicants from their regions. Regional coordinators take care of general problems and concerns of the applicants from their respective regions. Addition to the regional coordinators, there are internship coordinators of T&T for every internship field available in each country. Internship coordinators are responsible for facilitating an effective internship environment and serve as a mid‐layer between institutions and interns. In addition to the T&T coordinators, every company assigns at least one internship supervisor monitoring the performance of interns regarding the company expectations. Specific college related requirements of applicants like internship letters or supervisor feedback are provided on request.