The Teach and Travel program I enrolled in this summer was an unforgettable trip that I will be bragging about many years to come. From being an English teacher, to interning in a hospital, then learning the origin aspects of my religion in an Islamic country was a very eye-opening and intriguing experience. Being on the other side of class as a teacher instead of a student was a challenging moment in the beginning. However, having to spread the knowledge I learned throughout my years of school, then conveying this message to my students in the best way possible was wonderful. I developed a good relationship and understanding with each and every single student I had, in Albania and Morocco. From the countless outstanding mentors I had throughout my life, they always used to tell my class during that time in the end of the curriculum year, “You guys are as precious as my children, you guys are like family”. It wasn’t until I left my students that I understood what this comment really meant. These words from my mentors struck me when I was experiencing a more diverse and cultural environment with the blooms of the future. Now, these blooms are like brothers and sisters to me.

After the teaching ended, I had the opportunity to intern in “American Hospital” in Tirana, Albania. It was a very eye-catching experience because I got to witness several surgeries, procedures, as well as the operations in front of me at all times. Having to intern with Albanian doctors was fascinating, and interacting with their patients was even more satisfying. I got to witness another diverse culture that showed me other methods of how doctors take care of their patients.

What made this program even more wonderful were the great people I met there. Building new friendships from different cultures and having “iftars” with them during the month of Ramadan, made the most beautiful atmosphere that is hard to describe. Tirana and Casablanca was like a second home for all of us, because of the enjoyable times and activities we did together. The hospitality we received from the Turkish, Albanian, and Moroccan brothers was outstanding. It is because of them that made this program successful, incredible, and enjoyable.

It was a privilege attending this program and being accepted to it. I want to thank Murat Polat Abi and Taulant Abi for giving me this opportunity that I am truly grateful for. I gained many new experiences I have never encountered in my life. I have done new activities in places I don’t think I’ll ever see again with wonderful friends.   I’m definitely looking forward on doing it again iA!

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