The Summer 2016 medical internship at Spitali Amerikan, Albania was an experience unlike any other. It peeled back the layers of the various specialities medicine has to offer. I engaged with cardiology and ENT physicians in their clinical visits. I was given the opportunity to sit in multiple surgeries, often being right next to the surgeon as he operated. These surgeries ranged from all areas of practice from Cataract surgery, aortic valve replacement, tonsillectomies and many more. Overall, I believe the internship gave me incredible exposure to medicine and has been a motivating factor in my studies.

Teaching fourth grade Moroccan students English was one of the most rewarding experiences in my life. Every night I prepared for the class by making lesson plans with specific goals I wanted to achieve the next day. I taught lessons on the board and then tested my students through online interactive quizzes. Interacting with the kids, keeping them engaged was the most difficult task but, it yielded the greatest pleasure. After class I would coordinate group activities such as sports and games to facilitate communicating in English. After the program was over, seeing the progress the kids made has been an unforgettable experience.


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