I did an internship at KLANTV Studio to get a feel for what it’s like to be on TV. I attended all the departments relating to getting an episode to air smoothly on live television and found out that it wasn’t as bombastic as I had imagined it to be. In fact, the studio was practically a three-story building with a cafe next door. Luxury cars lined up this small office building and that was because the work done in that building made a huge impact on society and, forcibly, made relevant to viewers’ lives as soon as one’s attention was caught.

The most important thing that any television studio does is to create a perfect background to get people’s subconscious hypnotized, then the viewer is automatically entertained and will easily pay attention to any talk show or episode of any tv series. I was really impressed to learn how such great ‘showing’ can be done from a simple studio. KLANTV is not anything like FOX or Comedy Central, but the little building with the studio still impacts millions of lives each day in Albania simply through its awesome, artistic set up, along with music. Media is a phenomenal study and I really appreciated being able to view the inner workings of a studio.

I’ve taught English overseas many times and my experience of teaching in Albania was the most unique. The classes began as a mess because I couldn’t connect with any of my students. I knew I was doing something wrong when teaching, but I couldn’t put my finger on it – until it finally hit me to use more positive reinforcements than negative reinforcements. I’m used to dealing with students 11 and above, but the age of seven is so tender that the only language that can really be communicated through is that of love, compassion, and caring, no matter how crazy the students may get. At that young age, students aren’t quite aware of good vs. evil, thus they may do things which are terribly wrong with a pure heart. This was the situation I learned to deal with and I believe it was perfect for the kind of experiences I needed. I learned how to deal with people by being able to detach the actions of a person from their personality and see people as all originally good people that make mistakes, because nobody is perfect and everyone is simply trying their best.

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