Program Details

1. Teaching


The Teach & Travel Program’s mission is to bring students of different cultures and backgrounds together to understand one another, network, enrich their resumes, develop leadership and build self confidence.

Program Description

Teach & Travel is a 3 or 4 weeks program designed to teach English as a second language to elementary, middle or high school students. The Teach & Travel (T&T) program is an international project aiming to place participants in different countries all over the world, giving an excellent opportunity to gain valuable international experience. Teaching positions will be available in many countries. Each Teach & Travel region in North America goes to a specific country. Please see the chart below for the destination countries.

The program is focused on teaching through speaking. A unique activity oriented, speaking focused summer program curriculum along with books and supportive documents prepared by the education department of FEBA is used in the program. The material is delivered through a facilitative learning methodology. The program is implemented mainly in two type of settings:

1. Traditional Teaching Environment: Most schools follow an ESL curriculum throughout the year. Students have their regular ESL teachers as supervisors of the summer program. Teachers are running the FEBA curriculum in coordination with school’s objectives.

2. Non-traditional Teaching Environment: This option is preferred mostly by non-educational institutions; examples include municipalities, professional associations and similar organizations.

Training Process

Participants are required to complete the mandatory Teach & Travel training sessions. Training sessions cover topics like class management, orientation on student profile, training for teaching materials and activities, sample class sessions and more. Regional offices offer training sessions locally and online training option is NOT available.

2. International Summer Internship


The internship program gives participants to gain valuable experience, enrich their resumes and build professional networks.

Program Description

The internship program is a 2 to 4 week internship program available in fields of Business & Finance, Media and Journalism, Security/Criminal Justice & Governance, Health & Medicine, Education, NGO, and Architecture. Interns are unpaid. The internships are full-time (40 hours per week). Participants may receive university credit for their participation, depending on their school’s credit policy.

This internship is a classical internship format in which for three weeks, participants are assigned to one institution. In that period, candidates are introduced to the company, systems and are assigned tasks and projects. Media and Journalism, Health & Medicine, Education, and Architecture internships are all in regular internship format.

3. Travel


The aim of the travel portion of Teach & Travel is to afford an opportunity to learn about different cultures and history of locals. The trip portion of the program is not necessarily continuous (consecutive days). It may consist of several outings, i.e., festivals, cultural events, tours, and celebrations according to the placement of participants. This trip will include visits to historic sites, tourist attractions and civic institutions. Participants can also have the opportunity to gain college credit from their educational institutions by creating a portfolio of their experiences in the form of a written or visual journal.

Program Description

The trips are designed by your regional coordinator. Please contact your regional coordinator for the cost of the travel and its itineraries. Please note that the travel portion is not included in the overall cost of the program.