Program cost

a. Application Fee

Each participant is required to pay a $25 application fee.

b. Program Fee

Each participant is required to pay a $500 program fee after getting accepted to the program.

The program price does not cover only the costs directly linked to your presence on the ground. It also shares other costs required to give you the best experience.

The following chart shows the average percentage for the cost of the program.

  • Average direct costs on the ground 48.5
  • Awareness, communications, advice, monitoring and advice 24.3
  • Administrative and operational costs 16.5
  • Support for participants from before start to finish 10.7
Program Fee Includes:
  • Accommodation (Accommodation may or may not include food nor WiFi)
  • Support and 24-hour backup from both our local and US/Canada staff
  • Pre-departure support from Regional Coordinator by email, phone and in person.
  • In country support by local coordinator.
  • Trainings
  • Transportation
    • Airport Pickup and Drop Off in destination countries.
    • Transportation to destination city of teaching.
    • Transportation to destination city of internship.
    • The following transportation is NOT covered:
    • Any kind of travel, leisure or sightseeing transportation.
    • Local transportation to and from your internship location.
    • The flight tickets to the destination countries, and in between cities.