Teach & Travel & Internship 2015
Terms and Conditions

1. In general

An agreement is herewith entered into between “Applicant” and “FEBA”, with regard to the applicant’s participation in the “FEBA’s Teach & Travel and Internship 2015” program. FEBA services are subject exclusively to the terms of the application form and of these general terms and conditions. Any agreement supplementing or amending these documents (including this clause) must be in writing and receive FEBA’s express approval. If any clause of the application form or of these general terms and conditions should be partially or wholly invalid, it shall not affect the validity of the remainder of the clauses. The parties undertake to immediately replace any provision that is partially or wholly invalid with a clause that most closely approximates the intention of the invalid clause. The requirement of « written form » in these general terms and conditions is deemed met in particular when correspondence is faxed or scanned and emailed as an attachment, providing such correspondence contains the parties’ signatures.

2. Cost, inclusions in the cost, payment conditions

Upon submission of this contract, the applicant is responsible for The fee does not cover travel between applicant’s home and local US airport, personal expenses, insurance premiums, and any emergency medical treatment provided arising from incidents which occur as a result of intern’s own negligence or carelessness, or as a result of any act deemed in contravention of any provision mentioned herein.

3. Cancellations – Non-refund of deposits and payments

Participants in the Teach & Travel and Internship 2015 program are responsible for their own transportation and will buy their airplane tickets.

If an applicant cancels before or during the Teach & Travel 2015 program, FEBA will not reimburse the plane tickets, and is not going to make any payments. FEBA also shall be entitled to keep any and all deposits and payments by way of compensation regardless of the reason for cancellation.

4. Code of conduct

Participants must conduct themselves in a correct manner and abide by disciplinary rules and their hosting school’s regulations. Participants are strictly forbidden from smoking or drinking alcohol. FEBA reserves the right to dismiss any participant it deems unfavorable to the smooth running of the Teach & Travel program. Airplane tickets and any additional costs incurred as a result of dismissal shall be borne by the participant.

5. Duty to inform

Applicants must inform FEBA of any health issues the applicant may have (e.g. allergies or intolerance to food or another substance), in writing before their arrival overseas. FEBA does not provide any form of Medical Insurance. Medical Insurance is the participant's sole responsibility.

6. Program conclusion and return flights

Program participants can opt to extend the duration of their stay abroad, should they wish to pursue personal sightseeing, tourism, family visits. UPON COMPLETION OF THE PROGRAM(S), FEBA WILL NO LONGER PROVIDE HOUSING, TRANSPORTATION OR OTHER SERVICES. PARTICIPANTS WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ARRANGING THEIR OWN HOUSING, MEALS, TRANSPORTATION, ETC.

7. Interns also participating in Teach & Travel

For interns who are also participating in FEBA’s Teach & Travel program there is a strict requirement of full participation and completion of BOTH programs. In the event a participant cancels participation in either program, FEBA reserves the right to disqualify the participant from the program.

8. Photographic Image Release Agreement - Personal Image

This is a release of your rights, read carefully before signing.

I hereby release to FEBA and the TEACH & TRAVEL for use and reproduction by the mentioned institutions for representation, publicity, and/or promotional purposes which may include, but are not limited to: All forms of media.

This Release Agreement is intended to discharge FEBA and the TEACH & TRAVEL program, Trustees of these institutions, officers, employees, students and volunteers of each from and against any and all liability arising out of or connected in any way with my release of photographic image even though that liability may arise out of the negligence or carelessness on the part of persons or agencies mentioned above.

I understand that institutional data (including photographic image(s) may be protected under state and/or federal privacy acts including but not limited to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act), nevertheless, I agree to assume the risks of authorizing the mentioned Institutions to use my image and release and hold harmless any of the persons or agencies mentioned above who (through negligence or carelessness) might otherwise be liable to me (or my heirs or assigns) for damages. It is further understood and agreed that this Photographic Image Release Agreement is to be binding on my heirs and assigns.

9. Participating To Illegal Organizations and Activities:

I hereby confirm that I will not by any means participate into any illegaly defined action or organization inside and outside the USA. These illegal organizations are defined by the US Government. FEBA requires the participant to submit their security check during the application process.

10. Payment

Each participant is required to tell the US Government while entering the United States of any money they have received. This is not FEBA’s responsibility. And by signing this agreement you acknowledge that FEBA is not responsible for you to declare any money taken overseas.


By signing this document, the applicant confirms that s/he understands and accepts the general terms and conditions of FEBA in their totality and accepts participation in the Teach & Travel and Internship 2015 activities organized by their host employer. By signing this form, the applicant accepts that the legal relationship between the applicant and FEBA is governed by the general terms and conditions printed herein which s/he confirms s/he has fully read and understood.

The person signing the application form and the contractual documents shall be held personally liable to FEBA.

The agreement entered into between FEBA and the applicant shall be governed exclusively by US federal law. The parties agree that the courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute which may arise in connection with this agreement.